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Selecting A Ranch

Before you even find a ranch, you first you might ask, Why should I consider taking a Dude Ranch Vacation? What kind of people do these things? Well, those are darn good questions. Here are a few ideas for you to consider. If you like the great outdoors, nature, great people, a family atmosphere, hospitality second to none and all kinds of things to do like; horseback riding, hiking, fishing, wild life viewing, great food and on I could go — then you should take one of these life enhancing vacations.

The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man.

Next, over many years we have found that the kinds of people that take these vacations are folks who love the outdoors first and foremost. These are families with children of all ages, couples, single people, men, women and grandparents. Many like to take a Dude Ranch Vacation for family reunions and more recently for weddings. What ever reason you choose and who ever your are - we think this is the greatest vacation on earth. And once you have tried it — chances are you will be hooked for life. Certainly you will remember this for the rest of your life. And if I do say so, that is very very special.

Welcome to our Selecting A Ranch section. This is one of the most exciting parts on your way to discovering your very own Dude Ranch Vacation. Ranches today come in all shapes and sizes. You should know that the four main categories of ranches are:

  • Dude or Guest Ranch — These are ranches that offer horseback riding as the center piece of the guest stay. Most if not all of these ranches offer lots to do and for those who do not wish to ride — no problem. There can be hiking, fishing, nature viewing, river rafting, sight seeing or some choose just to read a favorite book and relax.
  • Resort Ranches — These are properties that offer resort amenities such as tennis, swimming pools, spa services, and some even have golf on property.
  • Working Ranches — These are primarily ranches that make their livings by raising livestock like cattle and offer a few guests to come and be a part of their ranch activities which vary depending on the season, climate and the way each ranch is run by its owners.
  • Luxury Ranches — These are properties that offer luxury amenities. In the past fifteen there have been a number of luxury ranches developed that serve up in a few cases 5 Star accommodations, amenities and cuisine.

How to Find a Ranch and Your Own Home on the Range

When trying to find a ranch, the best thing to do first is decide where you would like to visit and ask yourself if you want want the mountains, the prairie or beautiful desert country. You need to also choose what time of year you wish to go — that will help you narrow your choices considerably. Most ranches in the American and Canadian West are open during the summer months. Most ranches in the South West and in South America are open during the Winter months. Once you have done this then you can begin to explore Ranchweb to its fullest and begin selecting a dude ranch for your vacation. Our Ranch Categories Directory will help you narrow down your choices depending on what particularly interests you. And our Reservations/Space Availability Finder will help you to find out who has space for the time you wish to travel.

Finally — after having a lot of fun exploring Ranchweb and all the wonderful ranches — if you still need a helping hand, please call us. We are always willing to help point you in the right direction or at least give you some ideas to help you make the right choices. Please feel free to call or email our office.