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What to Wear to a Dude Ranch

Clothing is an essential part of the ranch vacation experience. It's important to pack correctly and bring clothes that will enable you to enjoy your dude ranch or estancia experience — a pair of boots, several pairs of jeans, a good cowboy belt with a buckle, a cowboy hat, several shirts, and a warm jacket are about all you'll really need.

Over the years, after hundreds of miles on horseback and thousands of miles in automobiles and airplanes, I know quality clothing is better than quantity. (Well, I guess that goes for most everything in life.)

Here are a few Gene Kilgore clothing tips; along with quality, think comfort:

  1. Invest in a good pair of boots. Make sure your boots are well-worn before you arrive — you don't want blisters.
  2. Buy at least three pairs of extra long jeans and wash them at least four times, using softener. They'll be much more comfortable and will have faded a bit.
  3. Take along a warm jacket, a sweater, and even a vest. Early mornings and evenings can be cool.
  4. Bring along a smile, and cast all your worries away.

Finally, when making your reservation, ask the ranch or lodge to send you a clothing list to help with your packing. The ranch or lodge you've selected will be more than happy to give you all the advice you require. And, one last thing: Don't forget a flashlight, some lip protection, mosquito repellant, and sunblock.